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Night Vision Scope

Serial NO.:NV001


Product Description

Operating Voltage: 3.55-4.5V
Size: 195x103x69
Model Number: NV001
Infrared Ray Launcher Type: No Transmitter
Battery: Battery
Effective Visual Distance: 300M
Magnification: 3.57X
Weight: 485g
Origin: Mainland China
Duration: 8h
Snap ring size: <46.5
Frame rate: 30FPS
Battery: 18650x1
IR compensation wavelength: 820~880NM
resolving power: 1920x1080
focusing range: 0.4-00
Screen pixels: 325PPI
Video format: MOV
Screen size: 1.35 inch
Infrared light power: 5w
Storage type: TF
transmission mode: USB

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