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220404 | RDA 1X30

Serial NO.:DISCOVERY-1231


Product Description
Magnification: 1X 
Windage adjustment range: ±30MOA
Elevation adjustment range: ±30MOA
1 click: 1/1MOA
Turret adjustment type (tool/finger): Tool 
Spot color: Red 
Battery type: CR1620 
Nitrogen Purged (yes): Yes 
Tube material (aluminum/titanium ): Aluminum
Objective size: 30mm
Length: 142mm 

key features

Easy target acquisition; Mounting Length of 1.1"
Amber-bright high contrast lens coating (front lens is tinted amber)
TILTED front lens reflects LED light to create red dot; Discovery logo color on the product.
Red dot LED light source secured inside the scope with adhesive (by design, partially obstructs field of view)
Red dot may appear blurry or misshapen if the dot intensity is set too high for the ambient light conditions (most likely to occur indoors with artificial light)


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